About Us

The Core Of Our Business

Mission: Empower consumer centricity to choose the best on what they value.

Values: Quality, Affordability, Customer Focus, Accountability, Integrity, Passion.

Vision:  Strive to be the best in the Industry by understanding the customer needs and satisfying them by providing a quality product for the value they expect.

Brief Insights About Us:

Our company is based in Jaipur with a single entity identity. We have been operating in the footwear industry for the past couple of years. 

Our journey began in 2017 with a small retail shop in the midst of town. As all the businesses go through struggles and hardship we had to go the same way experiencing the setbacks and market vulnerability of the business. 

As the time progressed we got used to circumstances and experienced a lot of challenges in the business and faced distinct customer pain points that made us rethink our business model on how we can solve the issue of quality and customer service. 

From there we decided to expand and aim for a higher level by taking a gap and working on the pitfalls and planned for a new venture of serving the larger client base with ease.

Our founders have worked in various industries of distribution and e-commerce at different levels of domestic and International trade and are well aware of the market conditions and regulatory policies.

We are a team of tech savvy that can create a unique compelling experience for our customers.

Our team of professionals work together formlessly to meet the higher standards of our customer requirements and we are proud of it and believe in it. We understand the need as an organized business to better serve the customer and meet the unexpected.

Our Slogan: Comfort in every step makes quality easy, ultimately giving more power to walk the line !!!



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